Tennessee History Day


You may nominate yourself for up to two special awards. Do this within the registration system.


Please make your selections carefully. If your project is on the Salem Witches, do not nominate yourself for the Best Project in Tennessee History. Submit your title page, process paper (or paper), and bibliography as one Word document via email by Mon., Mar. 18, 2019 at midnight to be considered. Students who do not submit written materials will not be eligible. Email to: historyday@tennesseehistory.org. You do not need to send hard copies.


Name your document with some variation of first name last name.


Individual Project: core jennifer.docx

Group Project: core jennifer hibdon matthew.docx


In your email identify your division: Junior (grades 6-8) or Senior (grades 9-12).

In your email identify your category: Documentary, Exhibit, Performance, Website, or Paper.

In your email indicate which awards you are nominating your project for.

The Age of Jackson Award
sponsored by the Andrew Jackson Foundation

Prize of $250 in the Junior Division and $250 in the Senior Division, to be divided equally among winning students for the project that best explores or represents Jacksonian America in the Tennessee History Day competition. Winning projects must reflect solid scholarship related to topics covered by the six major themes of the Andrew Jackson Foundation’s Interpretive Plan: Reform and Religion during the Jacksonian Era; Westward Expansion and Native Americans; Women’s Lives and Roles in Jacksonian Society; Growing Democracy; Slavery and Plantation Economy; American Culture of the Early Republic. Additional topics that will be considered are: a look at Jackson’s legacy and continued importance throughout history or major national historical events that happened over the course of Jackson’s life (1767-1845), such as the American Revolution or the War of 1812.

Margaret Lindsley Warden Prize for the Best Project in Women’s History
sponsored by the Tennessee Historical Society

Prize of $50 to the best project in the Junior Division and in the Senior Division which interprets women’s history.


Best Project in Tennessee History
sponsored by Humanities Tennessee

Prize of $50 to the best project in the Junior Division and in the Senior Division on a Tennessee history topic.


Best Project in African-American History
sponsored by the Planning Committee, Nashville Conference on African American History and Culture

Prize of $100 to the best project in the Junior Division and in the Senior Division on a topic in African-American history.


Society of Tennessee Archivists Award for Archival Research
Prize of $100 to the best project in the Junior Division and in the Senior Division that uses primary sources such as letters, diaries, personal papers, photographs, etc., for research on a historical topic. The sources must be from an institution located in Tennessee. Primary sources in Tennessee can be found in archival repositories such as city or county archives, church archives, history museums, local history departments in libraries, or the Tennessee State Library & Archives. Special consideration will be given to students who do onsite research at the repository rather than using online resources.


Mitchell Mielnik Memorial Prize for the Best Project in Sports, Recreation, or the Environment
sponsored by the Family and Friends of Mitchell Mielnik

Prize of $50 to the best project in the Junior Division or the Senior Division on a sports, recreation, or environmental topic. Mitchell Mielnik was a dedicated student, a talented athlete, and a Tennessee History Day participant for five years. His family, friends, and members of Tennessee’s history community have funded this award in Mitchell’s memory to honor his achievements in sports and in history.


Oral History Association Award
The Oral History Association award will be granted to one project, either in the Junior Division or Senior Division. Projects can draw upon existing oral histories. However, if participants conduct their own interviews, they must follow the Oral History Association’s Principles and Best Practices, found here. Projects can be from any geographic region or time period. Prize of $50 to the project, to be divided among members of a group.